Monday, July 23, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box...With God

GIFT BOX© Jinyoung Lee |
There are times when I struggle with plot. Ha! Okay, the truth, I always struggle with plot. My mind gets all caught up in “that can’t happen!” The current book I’m writing has been started at least six times. All different beginnings. All because of plot.

When this happens, doubt creeps in. I ask God if this is what He has called me to do. He always sends a gentle word of confirmation through my readers. My spirits lift and excitement motivates me forward. Then plot stops me again. Something is wrong, so I regroup try to “think outside the box.”

I stare at the blank page. “Really, God? Did the calling to write come from You or am I being pulled astray by Satan?” Doubt and insecurity cripple my creativity. How can I think outside the box?

Then I realize what is wrong. I was keeping God locked "inside" the box. I forgot to turn to Him in prayer and ask for Him to give me the words to bring glory to Him. I forgot the most important thing about writing—for Whom I am writing. And the box is a gift box filled with His love.

God is never too busy to answer prayer. And He’s always listening, always holding out His arms and waiting for us to call on Him. When I do, He blesses me. And my plot problem is solved.

~Carol Ann Erhardt

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