Thursday, August 9, 2012

Authors are (Imperfect) Mommies, Too!

by Linore Rose Burkard

Last spring, while I was working on a book called Ship of Dreams,
  my 9th grade daughter called from school one day.
"Mom, I missed the bus. Could you pick me up?"
"Okay, honey."
"But could you wait a few minutes, like, say, twenty to thirty minutes, and then get me?"
"Sure, honey."
I hung up with the happy reassurance that I had more time to go on writing the scene from my novel that was actually rather thrilling. It was a pivotal scene in the book. WELL...
About an hour later the phone rang.
"BETH! Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! I'm on my way!"
And thus goes the life of a writer. If she had wanted me to get her immediately I could have done that, no problemo.
But to let me get back into a pivotal scene of my current work-in-progress? Uh-oh.
A writer has to be living the scene if she or he wants it to be believable. For me, I have to be living it in order to write it.
Once I had her in the car on the way home, my daughter looked at me with a miffed expression. "So, what happened?"
"Bethany," I explained patiently, "You have to understand. I was on the Titanic with more than 1,000 passengers who were going down!"
She looked at me for a moment, thinking, and slowly smiled. "Okay, mom. I get it."

Thank goodness for understanding family.

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Here's the question to answer in your comment:

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by Linore Rose Burkard
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