Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oh, Those Writers of Classics!

On our drive to South Florida to escape the cold North, we listened to a couple of audio books. It was a good example of how you can ruin a good story with a poor reader. Both books were read by women which was appropriate since the protagonists in both stories were women. The second book we listened to had a reader who read very slowly and dramatically--melodramatically almost as it came to the scenes that were suspenseful. When the tension built, she seemed to read even slower. I wanted to yell, "Get on with it already!"

The first book we listened to was very interesting. The Paris Wife by Paula McClain was fiction based on the relationship of Ernest Hemingway with his first wife, Hadley Richardson. They moved to Paris after they were married because it was the place where all the authors and artists were congregating. Stein, Fitzgerald, and a slew of others who were the breakout authors of the day gathered together and partied and wrote and argued over the right way to write. It reminded me of the film out a couple of years ago called Midnight in Paris and the visit we made to a place in Paris called the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. The bookstore was originally run by a lady who allowed the now famous writers to use the upstairs rooms for their writing.

During those years, there was a lot of absinthe consumed. (Absinthe was the alcoholic drink of the times and was about 140 proof.) After about the tenth time the story mentioned drinking absinthe my husband chuckled. "Maybe you need to drink some."

Uh, I don't think so. One drink and I would be out cold. And I'm definitely no party animal. I do however enjoy gathering with my ACFW fellow writers. That's enough partying for me. And ice tea works just fine.

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