Thursday, August 21, 2014


I've been going through some old files trying to clean up and reorganize my computer. Trust me, it's worse than spring cleaning! But I have run across some interesting essays and vignettes of life that I've written and scattered about in my computer's memory. Here's one from 2007 that might bring a smile to those of you who have a speaking ministry as well as writing.


A few months ago I contracted to speak at a ladies retreat in a nearby state. Since it was a five hour drive and my husband has “semi-retired,” he offered to drive me to the campgrounds where the retreat was being held. It was a beautiful spring day and we had a wonderful trip.
            As we pulled into the campgrounds, we noticed a huge building in the middle of it. I thought perhaps it was a large indoor gymnasium or track and field house and wondered at the organization that could afford such facilities.
As we got out of the car, I asked someone where registration was.
“In the tabernacle,” she said and pointed in the direction of the large building.
Tabernacle? In the process of planning, I never thought to ask how many women might be in attendance. My experience had been with groups of 100-150 and I assumed this would be the same.
I opened the door to an auditorium with seating for 2,000. The stage that stretched across the front was bigger than my backyard. I gulped, composed myself, and walked forward to introduce myself to the organizer of the retreat.
            “So,” I said after we got acquainted, “you never mentioned how many you expected.”
            I held my breath.
            She looked around the room and replied, “Oh, about a hundred, I think.”

            “That’s a nice number,” I replied and turned to look at my husband who was still standing in awe at the door thinking his wife was going to address 2,000 women. I let him down gently.

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