Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 3 in the 20 Days of Tabor Heights Countdown!

Today's book is the 2nd of 2 books set on the campus of Butler-Williams University in the town of Tabor Heights.

For those who know some of the background of Tabor, such as the geographical roots, Butler-Williams is based on Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa, which I attended, as well as Baldwin-Wallace College (now university -- but it was a college when I started writing the Tabor stories, I swear!) in  Berea, Ohio, where I used to live, and where my mother's family has roots going way back.

Since I was a theater student at NWC (you
couldn't tell, could you, with some prominent characters and storylines having to do with theater people, writers, college professors?) it's only natural that somewhere along the line, I have another story featuring theater students. I mean, write what you know, right?

BWU STORIES deals with two students, both of whom have their dreams taken away or altered by circumstances beyond their control. How they deal with them, and how they grow up, makes all the difference in the world.

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