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Welcome to the official blog of the Ohio Chapter of ACFW. This blog launched in June of 2012.  

Join the Ohio members of ACFW as they blog together on the writing journey. 

  • Any member of ACFW living in Ohio, or belonging to the Ohio chapter can join the monthly rotation schedule. (we do have some members from PA and KY and may soon have some from IN)  Just contact us for a regular (once a month) posting slot. Anyone, of course, can comment.
  • Guest posts welcome from ACFW Ohio Valley Zone members.
  • Unclaimed spots are "open" and you may post at will. 
  • Below, you can find the latest posting schedule. This will allow you to know when your favorite posters are publishing their next post, or see what spots are open (in case you are thinking about becoming a regular poster).
Monthly Rotation Schedule (as of 6/15/2012)

1st Monday------
1st Tuesday------
1st Wednesday--
1st Thursday-----
1st Friday--------
1st Saturday------
1st Sunday--------Lillian Duncan
2nd Monday-----Sharon A. Lavy
2nd Tuesday-----
2nd Wednesday-
2nd Thursday----
2nd Friday-------Carole Brown
2nd Saturday----
2nd Sunday------
3rd Monday------
3rd Tuesday-----
3rd Wednesday--
3rd Thursday-----Karen Robbins
3rd Friday-------
3rd Saturday----
3rd Sunday------Lillian Duncan
4th Monday-----
4th Tuesday-----
4th Wednesday--
4th Thursday----
4th Friday-------
4th Saturday---
4th Sunday------
Guest/Float Availability:

Any non taken weekly slot is available for a guest, or one time post. When there is a "5th" Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday each month, they will be available as guest slots.

    Guidelines to remember:
    • Sunday can be a devotion if you like to write them.
    • Weekly posts should have something to do about the topic of writing. It can be about the writing journey.
    • Shoot for about 500 words. You can go more or less, but 500 is a solid average.
    • Look at all labels before creating a new one
    • Remember to assign your post to your own "name" topic label (so others can find you under your name label).
    • Set your posting time for 12:01 AM 
    • If you need some ideas for your post, be sure to look at the "popular topics" labels located to left.
    • When you want to enter a website address into your post, just type it out, highlight it, and click "link" button just above the post window to enter the address. This way, it will work as expected. Make sure all links will open in a new window.
    • When posting pics in your blog post, remember copyright issues: Don't use a photograph without copyright permission unless you own the copyright or know for certain that the photo is in the public domain. 
    How to post in the monthly rotation:
      1. Accept the invite sent to you by the board admin and create a blogger account ID. 
      2. You will be given a day for your post to appear on ACFWOhio.  You can create it at anytime, since you set the post time via the schedule function when writing your post.
      3. Log into ACFWOhio (using your blogger ID). Click on NEW POST.
      4. Title your post and write it in the window that opens. At the bottom-left of the post window, click "Post Options."  Default is already set to "allow" reader comments. Set the "Post date and time" to the date your post is  in the format 00/00/00 and the time to be 12:01 AMBy default, the post time is set to "automatic" and will post immediately if you don't change.   There are other options below that, best to leave them alone if you don't know what they do.
      5. Labels: there is a "show all" button so you can see all the available labels to assign to your post. When using MULTIPLE labels, just type one, then hit return or enter, and a comma will appear so you can then add another label.
      6. Be sure to add your own name label, already created my the admin, so readers can find all of your posts by clicking that label.
      7. It is always best to "PREVIEW" your post to make sure it looks like the way you want it.
      8. When you are done. Hit "Publish Post." This will release it to be viewed on the website according to the posting date you entered earlier.  If you just hit "Save now," this just puts into a "draft" mode so you can come back and continue to edit it later.  It will not be viewable by others on the date you entered until you hit "publish post."  This gives you the ability to write your post in advance and set it to release when the time comes automatically.

    Blogger Troubleshooting:
    • Things to try: Log out/in to refresh settings, update your browser itself, empty your cache, or clear your cookies.
    • If you have formatting issues from a copy and paste from Word, that process sometimes copies those invisible formatting characters which fowls Blogger's spacing up at times. You might have to use Blogger's "remove formatting" button after you copy and paste your post (select all in blogger window, then hit remove formatting button) and then adjust to whatever formatting you want in the Blogger window.
    • You can also save your Word doc as "plain text" before copying and pasting into Blogger and then formatting from there.
    • Blogger Help Section
    • Supported Browsers
    • New Post Editor (overview of)

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