Welcome to the web site for the Ohio Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers!
Where CHRIST is at the heart of our stories.
We're just starting out with this site, so have some patience. We have a lot of wonderful things planned for the coming months and years, as we share our stories, our activities, and invite you to come along on our fictional journeys.
We write in a lot of genres: romance, fantasy, women's fiction, suspense, historicals, etc. Some of us are published, others are on the verge, and others are just beginning.
So check back often and see what new information we've added. There might be opportunities for you to meet some of us, or come attend a meeting and see what we're up to!
To be a member of ACFW-Ohio, you first have to belong to ACFW, but that's no hardship. Our parent organization has a lot to offer to writers at any stage of their journey to and through publication!

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  1. Hello one and all, my names is Tom Rinkes and I'm a newbie to this site. I would like to know if any of you authors would like to critique the first two chapters of a story I'm writing. It's about a young multi-millionaire who sells all for the chance to travel back in time to 30 AD and walk with and listen to Jesus first hand. Granted, it is a little far fetched, but I want to try my hand at Christian Fiction. Any and all help would be appreciated. Reach me at tomrinkes2002@yahoo.com.