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Saturday, May 21, 2016

New video in Michelle Levigne's Commonwealth Universe series: REFUGE

The Refuge stories take place on one of the lost colony worlds, settled by refugees from the Downfall, during Age 1 of the Commonwealth Universe books. Right now there are two books, WIND WALKER and MOONBIRDS, but there are plans for a third story, PEACE VILLAGE, that will sort of "wrap up" any dangling threads from the previous two books. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New series coming -- steampunk -- ODESSA FREMONT, by Michelle Levigne

Are you ready for some time travel, gizmos, and tough chicks? 

In April, ODESSA FREMONT, the prequel to Michelle Levigne's "Guardians of the Time Stream" steampunk series will be released by Desert Breeze Publishing. 

This could be labeled a YA, as Ess is only 14 when she decides to run away from boarding school. By the time she screeches to a halt at the end of the book -- thanks to train robbers, the Pinkertons and a bullet! -- she's worked with the Secret Service and saved President Lincoln's life (so he can run for a 4th term!) and worked for the circus. 

So what's she going to do once she turns 17? Find out about her career as a Pinkerton when she runs into the BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY in September!

Check out Michelle's website -- -- or Desert Breeze Publishing -- -- for more information!

Monday, November 16, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights Scavenger Hunt -- Book 19

Have you started playing the scavenger hunt to celebrate the release of the 20th book in the Tabor Heights, inspirational romance series from Desert Breeze Publishing?

Today is the second day in the countdown.
Book 19.
Common Grounds

Do you know how to play? Go to my website -- -- and click on the Tabor Heights folder, then click on the Contest tab. You'll find all the rules there, along with all the places you can look to find each day's number and book cover. New books show up on even numbered days. You have until 10pm EST on the following odd numbered day to EMAIL your contest entry to me, saying what the day's number is, and where you found it, at

You can find out what number and book cover you should look for by checking the Tabor Heights Today blog --

Come on and play -- it'll be fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- the Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready to start hunting through the Web?

We're about to launch a scavenger hunt that will stretch from November 14 through Christmas Eve, in celebration of the 20 books of the Tabor Heights series of inspirational romances.

Starting November 14, go to Michelle Levigne's web site -- -- and click on the Tabor tab, then the Contest page, to learn the rules.

Every other day, there will be a NEW Tabor Heights book to hunt for throughout Facebook and various blogs. (Even number days, a new book -- odd number days, report your results!) One winner will be chosen from the people who report where they found that day's book. A tally will also be kept of everyone who reports their findings each day, and the top three contestants will win an additional prize.

Check this video for more information -- and get ready to join the fun!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Release: NOVA VENDETTA #2: The Truce, by Michelle Levigne

The newest release in the Commonwealth Universe, from Writers Exchange:


Niall and his crew were just centimeters away from freedom, escaping in the stolen starship they had christened the Nova Vendetta. Then disaster struck, paralyzing their ship. Retaken as prisoners, they found themselves transported on the very ship that had been their ticket to freedom.

Then the unthinkable happened: experimental technology and a risky gamble put the ship under their control. The escaped prisoners headed for the furthest reaches of known space, determined to stay free at any cost. 

Labeled rebels and pirates and criminals, they held to the principles that had let them survive and stay Human during their time in prison. To the outlying colonies slowly being abandoned by the disintegration of the Central Allied Worlds, the crew of the Nova Vendetta and its slowly growing fleet of allies were heroes in the truest sense of the word.

Then the revolution reached out to threaten Niall's homeworld. It was time to go home. He had to protect Sorendaal, even if it meant giving himself into the hands of the very people who wanted him dead. 

Or visit Michelle's website:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The NEW BOOK in the Quarry Hall series: ANNE'S OGRE

Coming in mid-October from Desert Breeze Publishing, the 7th book in the Quarry Hall series of women's fiction/suspense by Michelle Levigne:


Anne has been healing from the trauma of her childhood, including facing the lawyer who defended the Ogre -- her name for the man who raped her and murdered her parents. Now, the dark, mysterious pasts of other residents of Quarry Hall are converging with her past, and she faces the greatest test of her faith and healing and strength.

George is a battered, broken man with no memory of the cold, vicious assassin he once was. Vincent, head of security for Quarry Hall and the Arc Foundation, would prefer George never remember. To everyone else, George is a fumbling, adorable, obsessive-compulsive mechanical genius, and they love him.

But when George gets his picture in a national magazine, the skeletons in the closet start rattling. Anne joins in the effort to defend George. When the Black Prince who rescued her as a child returns to her life, so does the Ogre.

In the end, no one will emerge unchanged and unscathed.

Monday, February 17, 2014

KATHRYN, Quarry Hall Book 3, by Michelle Levigne

The third book in the women's fiction series, Quarry Hall has just been released: KATHRYN.

Published by Desert Breeze Publishing.
A parallel series with Tabor Heights.

Kathryn's retreat for relaxation and contemplation is interrupted to take a fugitive to safety, beyond the reach of authorities who may be compromised. The injured woman knows her name is Regina, but not why people were shooting at her. The journey to reach a friend in the FBI is complicated when Kathryn's illness requires frequent stops, permitting Regina's pursuers to nip at their heels.
When the mountains interfere with cell reception, and she can't stop long enough to make a call for help and advice, Kathryn has only her companion dog, her own wits, and prayer to depend on. Deception waits around every corner and Regina's attitude tests Kathryn's sympathy and her faith.
Learn more about Michelle's books at the Tabor Heights Today blog -- -- and the Living Proof blog --

Saturday, November 30, 2013

NEW releases in the Chorillan Cycle: BY FIRE AND STARS and CHORILLAN, SF adventure.

Oaktara Publishers has released the third and fourth books in Michelle Levigne's Chorillan Cycle: BY FIRE AND STARS, and CHORILLAN. Available in print and e-book formats.

What are they about?

The Chorillan Cycle takes place in the Commonwealth Universe series of science fiction books, in what is termed the "present era." In the first two books, AZULI EYES and SCOUTS' PRIDE, we visit the colony world of Chorillan, meet Scout Captain Ian Fieran and his team, Miranda Riallon, a teacher, and learn about the mystery of Phase that drives children into the wilderness with sensory overload. Then, years later, Miranda dies of the same wasting illness that killed her father, and Ian returns to the Scout Corps, taking their daughter, Kay'li, with him to protect her from Phase. Kay'li grows up among the Scouts, learning to be a hero and to fight for what is right.

In BY FIRE AND STARS, we return to Chorillan, where Lucas Aidan, Kay'li's best friend, goes through Phase. His parents try to hide the truth and keep him hidden until Phase has passed, because of the prejudice and fear directed at Wildlings, the victims of Phase. A terrible accident separates Lucas from his family and he flees to the wilderness in fear and pain. He stays out there through two winters, longer than any child has survived -- or so the authorities think -- and learns about Chorillan from the Azuli. When he is finally captured and forced to return to civilization, he has a mission and a duty, given to him by the Azuli, other Wildlings, and Fi'in. Will he succeed?

In CHORILLAN, Kay'li returns to Chorillan leading a secret Scout team to investigate the truth about what causes Phase, who is generating the unreasonable fear and hatred of Wildlings and why, and bring justice to the colony. She and Lucas team up for the adventure of a lifetime, just as they had dreamed and vowed to each other as children -- but this adventure could cost them their lives.

Check out the rest of the Commonwealth Universe books and other worlds created by Michelle Levigne at her website:, or her two blogs: Living Proof ( or Tabor Heights Today (

Monday, July 30, 2012

The New Tabor Heights Novel

Yep, just a few days away -- the release of the 12th Tabor Heights novel.

by Michelle Levigne

The 12th and final book in Year One of the series set in our favorite friendly little college town on the North Coast of Ohio.

Keep your eyes open and your Internet browser ready, because we're going to have a Cyber Launch Party to celebrate the release of ACCIDENTAL HEARTS.

Check out the Tabor Heights Today blog for more information on this and upcoming events. Such as ...

We're going to have a "New Year's Eve" party to celebrate the competion of Year One.

And if you have a New Year's Eve, well, it naturally follows you have a New Year's Day, right!!!

Get ready for information on the upcoming Year Two of Tabor Heights, and the new books starting in December, with INVITATION TO A WEDDING.

And don't forget to check out my web site for samples and information on all the Tabor Heights novels.